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Wheat Starch

Product Name    |    Wheat Starch

Appearance    |    White powder

Grade    |    Food Grade

Formula    |    /

Type    |    Powder

CAS No    |    9005-25-8

HS Code    |    1108110000

Shelf life    |    2 Years

Packing    |    25KG/BAG


What is Wheat Starch?
Wheat starch is extracted from wheat. In the past, the fermentation method was used, that is, the wheat was soaked in water, ground, and then acid-fermented, so that the cells surrounding the starch granules were dissolved and the starch was easy to separate.

Wheat starch is a refined grain, and it is mainly used in food as thickener, gelling agent, binder, or stabilizer, etc., and some use it as starch sugar (a kind of edible sugar, but healthier than sucrose) in industry not many applications.

Wheat Starch Application?
Food processing applications:

Pasta products: Wheat starch is an important raw material for making bread, noodles, biscuits and other pasta products. During the bread-making process, starch forms the structure of the dough and gives the bread a soft texture during baking.
Thickening agent: Wheat starch is often used as a thickening agent in food to adjust the consistency and taste of food. It can be added to soups, sauces, and other foods to thicken them.
Stabilizer: In food processing, starch is also often used as a stabilizer to help maintain the stability and texture of food and prevent food from separating or deteriorating during processing or storage.
Other applications: Wheat starch can also be used to make desserts such as pastries, pastries and candies, as well as as a reducing and binding agent in some meat products.

Industrial Applications:
Industrial applications of wheat: In addition to food processing, wheat starch is also widely used in other industrial fields, such as paper manufacturing, textile processing, pharmaceutical production, adhesive production, etc. In these fields, wheat starch is often used as starch, thickening agent, reducing agent and molding agent, etc., playing an important role.


Test Item



White powder


Wheat starch inherent

odor, no abnormal odor



Acidity (Dry base)

≤2.00° T

Ash (Dry base)


Protein (Dry base)


Fat (Dry base)



≥50.0 mPa·s

Spots( per cm²)


Granular 150(%,m/m)

(pass 100 mesh size)





≤30.0 mg/kg


≤0.5 mg/kg


≤1.0 mg/kg

Coliform group

≤70 MPN/100g


≤100 CFU/g







Is Wheat Starch Gluten Free?
Wheat starch is pure starch extracted from wheat and usually does not contain gluten. Gluten, a mixture of proteins found in wheat, barley and other grains, plays a key role in gluten but is also one of the causes of allergies or intolerances in many people. People with gluten allergies or celiac disease need to avoid gluten because it can damage their digestive system.
The preparation process of wheat starch involves extracting the starch from wheat and usually removes most of the gluten. Therefore, wheat starch is generally considered gluten-free. This makes wheat starch an alternative choice in cooking and food preparation for many people with gluten allergies or intolerances.

What is Modified Wheat Starch?
Modified wheat starch is a substance extracted from wheat that has changed some properties after special treatment. This treatment may include physical or chemical methods. Treated wheat starch is more heat-resistant, more stable, and easier to use in food processing. It is commonly used as a thickener, stabilizer or emulsifier in food processing. This means it helps foods maintain better consistency, stability, and is less likely to separate or solidify during heating or cooling.

Is Modified Wheat Starch Bad for You?
Wheat starch is processed to become modified wheat starch. This treatment can make it more stable, more viscous, or have other different characteristics in foods. Some people may have varying physical reactions to eating processed wheat starch.
Generally speaking, processed wheat starch is considered safe and is widely used in food processing. But everyone's body may react to it differently. Some people may have allergic reactions or intolerances to food additives or processed ingredients.
If you have questions about processed wheat starch or other food ingredients, it's best to talk to your doctor or nutritionist. They can give you more specific advice based on your personal circumstances and health.

Where to Buy Wheat Starch?
Established in 2011, with 2 self-owned factories in 2015, Hangzhou Focus Corporation specializes in manufacture and trade of various kinds of food additives, including wheat starch.We offer wholesale prices for bulk purchases, even for small quantities, and offer a free sample to potential customers.

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are manufacturer.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

A: Yes. We are pleased to provide the free sample while the freight cost may need you to undertake.but we will refund this freight cost when you place an order.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: The payment method is flexible, we support various payment methods: TT/LC/CAD, all are acceptable, usually we use 30% TT IN ADVANCE,70% ONCE CARGOS READY.

If you have another question, pls feel free to contact us.

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