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Garlic Powder

Product Name    |    Garlic Powder

Moisture    |    6% Max

Bulk Density(Ml/100 Grams)    |    140-160

Foreign Material    |    Absent

Additive    |    Absent

Tpc    |    100000 Cfu/G Max

Mold&Yeast    |    100cfu/G Max

Packing    |    25 Kg/Carton Or Customized


What is Garlic Powder?
Garlic powder can be seen in our daily life. Garlic powder has a wide range of functions, because garlic powder has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Garlic powder can resist platelet aggregation and reduce our blood pressure and blood lipids. It is an essential product for daily health care.

Other Names:
Garlic Powder
Place of Origin:
100-120 Mesh
Brand Name:
Max Bulk Density(Ml/100 Grams):
Foreign Material
100000 Cfu/G
Max Mold&Yeast
Max Coliform
100 Cfu/G
Max E. Coli

It is carefully ground and has a fine powdery texture. Garlic is rich in nutrients and has good therapeutic and medicinal value. Garlic bulbs are rich in protein, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, as well as fats, minerals, etc. 100G of fresh garlic contains 4.4G of protein, 0.2G of fat, 23G of carbohydrates, 0.7G of crude fiber, and 1.3G of ash. Garlic is also rich in sulfur compounds.

Why Choose Our Garlic Powder?
1.Natural materials:
Select fresh and delicious garlic from nature, and strictly select good products before dehydration. Insects, rotten and shriveled parts are removed and then dehydrated to retain the original color and deliciousness.
2.Fine powder:
Ultra-fine powder of 160 mesh, imported drying equipment is used for drying, and the temperature, time, color and moisture content during drying are reasonably set to retain the raw material components without loss.
3.Original flavor:
rich natural garlic flavor, delicious and fragrant
4.One material with multiple uses:
widely used, often used in homes, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Is Garlic Powder Good for You?
Let me introduce to you the uses of garlic powder:
1. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory:
Garlic is a natural plant broad-spectrum antibiotic. Garlic contains about 2% allicin. Its bactericidal ability is 1/10 of penicillin. It is effective against a variety of pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus, meningitis, pneumonia, and streptococci. It has obvious inhibitory and killing effects on cocci, diphtheria, dysentery, typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Vibrio cholerae. It can also kill more types of pathogenic fungi and hookworms, pinworms, and trichomoniasis. Eating raw garlic is an effective way to prevent influenza and intestinal infections. However, it should be noted that allicin is easily destroyed at high temperatures and loses its bactericidal effect.

2. Enhance immunity:
The sulfur-containing compounds in organic garlic mainly act in the "initiation phase" of tumorigenesis. By enhancing the detoxification function, interfering with the activation of carcinogens, preventing the formation of cancer, enhancing immune function, and blocking the formation of lipid peroxidation and anti-mutation and other ways to prevent normal cells from transforming into cancer cells. The trace element selenium contained in garlic can kill cancer cells and reduce the incidence of cancer.

3. Anti-platelet aggregation:
Garlic essential oil has the effect of inhibiting platelet aggregation. Its mechanism is to change the physical and chemical properties of the platelet membrane, thereby affecting the pickup and release functions of platelets, inhibiting the fibrinogen receptor on the platelet membrane, and inhibiting the interaction between platelets and fibrin. The original binding affects the sulfur groups on the platelet membrane and changes the platelet function.

4. Lower blood lipids:
According to epidemiological surveys, people who eat an average of 20 grams of garlic per day have a significantly lower mortality rate from cardiovascular disease than people who do not eat raw garlic. Regular consumption of raw garlic also has a blood pressure lowering effect.

5. Lower blood sugar:
Eating raw garlic can improve human glucose tolerance, promote the secretion of insulin and increase the utilization of glucose by tissue cells, thereby lowering blood sugar.

6. Balanced blood dilution can thin the blood. Smoking and drinking can make the blood thicker. If you eat some garlic at the same time, it will balance the blood thinning and also has antioxidant properties similar to vitamin E and vitamin C.

Can Dogs Eat Garlic Powder?
Garlic brings a delicious flavor to a variety of savory dishes and has a wide range of health benefits for humans. It has been shown to help treat cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, and can even help fight the common cold!
Unfortunately, for our dogs, this is not the case. Garlic and all other members of the allium plant family, including other cooking staples like onions, scallions, and chives, are poisonous when ingested. Garlic and all members of the allium family contain compounds that, while completely harmless to humans, are harmful to dogs. Specifically, compounds in garlic can damage a dog's red blood cells, causing a type of anemia called hemolytic anemia. Dogs who have ingested garlic may also show signs of gastrointestinal distress because their gastrointestinal tracts are not used to digesting it. Signs of hemolytic anemia caused by garlic poisoning may include: drowsiness, tachypnea (short breathing), pale gums, jaundice, dark urine.
When your dog's red blood cells are destroyed, your dog will be less adept at delivering oxygen to all parts of the body. This explains the weakness and lethargy. It may also explain the cause of shortness of breath, as your dog may be trying to compensate by bringing more oxygen into his lungs.
Pale gums are a direct result of anemia in dogs, as healthy red blood cells give your dog's gums their normal color. Of course, some dogs often have pale pink gums, so it's important for you to know your dog's normal gum color.
Garlic can also cause gastrointestinal discomfort, symptoms of which may include: vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, drowsiness, and abdominal pain
If you notice that your dog is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, especially those of hemolytic anemia, seek veterinary care immediately.

Where to Buy Garlic Powder in Bulk?
Garlic Powder is a commonly used food additive and ingredient popular in many countries. As a professional Garlic Powder supplier and manufacturer, Hangzhou Focus Corporation has nearly 10 years of experience in supplying and exporting Garlic Powder  from China. You can safely choose to buy Garlic Powder from Hangzhou Focus Corporation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 1 business day.
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Established in 2011, with 2 self-owned factories in 2015, Hangzhou Focus Corporation specializes in manufacture and trade of various kinds of food additives, including Garlic Powder.We offer wholesale prices for bulk purchases, even for small quantities, and offer a free sample to potential customers.
  1. If you have needs please contact us

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are manufacturer.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

A: Yes. We are pleased to provide the free sample while the freight cost may need you to undertake.but we will refund this freight cost when you place an order.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: The payment method is flexible, we support various payment methods: TT/LC/CAD, all are acceptable, usually we use 30% TT IN ADVANCE,70% ONCE CARGOS READY.

If you have another question, pls feel free to contact us.

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