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Product Name    |    Sorbitol

Appearance    |    White Powder

Grade    |    Food grade

Formula    |    C6H14O6

Type    |    Powder

CAS No    |    50-70-4

HS Code    |    2905440000

Shelf life    |    Two years

Packing    |    25Kg/Bag, 16tons/20'FCL

  1. What Is Sorbitol?
  2. Sorbitol, a natural plant sweetener with a refreshing taste, is often used to make chewing gum or sugar-free candies. It still generates calories after consumption, so it is a nutritious sweetener, but the calories are only 2.6 kcal/g (about 65% of sucrose), and the sweetness is about half of sucrose.
    Sorbitol can be produced by reducing glucose. Sorbitol is widely found in fruits, such as apples, peaches, dates, plums and pears and other natural foods, with a content of about 1% to 2%. Its sweetness is similar to that of glucose, but it gives people a rich feeling. It is slowly absorbed and utilized in the body without increasing blood sugar levels. It is also a relatively good moisturizer and surfactant.



White crystalline granule or powder








Reducing sugars

≤0. 15%


Total sugars

≤ 0.5%


PH (50% aq.sol.)

5.0 - 7.0


Residue on ignition

≤0. 1%


Heavy metals


















Total Plate Count



Coliforms, MPN/100g

Absent in 1g

What Foods Have Sorbitol?
1. Sorbitol has the characteristics of low sweetness and anti-crystallization. When added to ice cream and ice cream, in addition to providing sweetness, it also has the effect of improving the texture of ice cream and lowering the freezing point, making it less likely to freeze into ice cubes. It is used in low-sugar, It is commonly used in 0-sugar ice cream.
2. With the improvement of health awareness, many consumers will be more concerned about sugar, calories and other ingredients when choosing drinks. Some drinks marked with "sugar-free" and "zero sugar" are gradually appearing in the public eye. Sorbitol, as a representative sugar alcohol sweetener, is widely used in "sugar-free" and "zero sugar" beverages.
3. Sorbitol has anti-caries properties and will not be digested by microorganisms in the oral cavity (lack of corresponding enzymes), so it cannot form acid to cause damage to teeth. Studies have shown that chewing gum containing sorbitol for 20 minutes each time after a meal will significantly reduce the plaque on the tooth surface after 30 days.
4. Sorbitol is hygroscopic. Adding sorbitol to food can prevent the food from drying out and keep the food fresh and soft. Used in bread and cakes, it has obvious effects.
5. Sorbitol has good moisturizing effect and has obvious stabilization and long-term storage effect. It is a common raw material for jam and pork sauce.
6. As one of the nutrients in greatest demand by the human body, vitamin C has antioxidant and immunity-enhancing effects. What do you know? Sorbitol is a raw material for the production of vitamin C. Through fermentation and chemical synthesis, the vitamin C needed by the human body can be obtained, and it is suitable for consumer groups who need to supplement vitamin C.

How Long for Sorbitol to Get Out of Your System?
The rate at which sorbitol is eliminated from our bodies will vary depending on each person's metabolic rate. However, we can usually use a concept called "half-life" to estimate the time it takes for sorbitol to disappear in the body. The half-life of sorbitol is approximately 2.6 hours, which means that the sorbitol concentration in the body will be reduced by half every 2.6 hours. If we keep counting at this rate, after about 5 half-lives, the concentration of sorbitol in the body will drop to about 3%. Therefore, generally speaking, the disappearance time of sorbitol in the body is about 5.2 hours. This is only a rough estimate and actual conditions may vary depending on each person's physical condition.

Is Sorbitol Safe for Dogs?
Sorbitol can act as a laxative for dogs. A small amount of sorbitol will do! But the right amount would not be a wise thing to feed a canine. Too much sorbitol can also be harmful to dogs. If your dog eats food or medications that contain large amounts of sorbitol, it may cause the following problems:
1. Diarrhea or soft stools: Due to the stimulating effect of sorbitol on the intestines, it may cause inflammation or discomfort in the dog's intestines, resulting in diarrhea or soft stools.
2. Vomiting: If your dog eats food or medicine that contains large amounts of sorbitol, it may cause a vomiting response to help excrete the excess sorbitol.
3. Electrolyte Imbalances: If a dog experiences diarrhea or vomiting due to excessive sorbitol intake, electrolyte imbalances such as hypokalemia may result.
4. Poisoning: If a dog eats food or medicine containing a large amount of sorbitol, it may cause poisoning, which may manifest as neurological abnormalities, slowed heartbeat, hypothermia and other symptoms.
Therefore, foods and medications containing high amounts of sorbitol should be avoided in a dog's diet. If your dog is found to have eaten food or medicine containing sorbitol, you should take it to the veterinarian for examination and treatment in time. The veterinarian can make a diagnosis based on the dog's condition and give appropriate treatment measures, such as inducing vomiting, intravenously replenishing electrolytes, and using diuretics.

Where to Buy Sorbitol in Bulk?
Sorbitol is a commonly used food additive and ingredient popular in many countries. As a professional Sorbitol supplier and manufacturer, Hangzhou Focus Corporation has nearly 10 years of experience in supplying and exporting Sorbitol from China. You can safely choose to buy Sorbitol  from Hangzhou Focus Corporation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

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Established in 2011, with 2 self-owned factories in 2015, Hangzhou Focus Corporation specializes in manufacture and trade of various kinds of food additives, including Sorbitol.We offer wholesale prices for bulk purchases, even for small quantities, and offer a free sample to potential customers.

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A: Yes. We are pleased to provide the free sample while the freight cost may need you to undertake.but we will refund this freight cost when you place an order.

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A: The payment method is flexible, we support various payment methods: TT/LC/CAD, all are acceptable, usually we use 30% TT IN ADVANCE,70% ONCE CARGOS READY.

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