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Glucose Syrup

Product Name    |    Glucose Syrup

Appearance    |    Colorless and transparent liquid

Grade    |    Food grade

Formula    |    C42H80NO8P

Type    |    78%/80%/82%/84%/85%

CAS No    |    8029-43-4

HS Code    |    1702300000

Shelf life    |    Two years

Packing    |    300kg/drum, 24tons/20’FCL


What is Glucose Syrup?
The viscosity of glucose syrup is high, which can be used in canned fruits, juice drinks and edible syrup to improve the consistency and taste of the product; It is used in preserved fruit, candied fruit, jam, canned fruit juice and cream food.
Glucose syrup is a syrup made from starch, produced through the action of enzymes or acids. It is also known as liquid glucose or glucose syrup.
Glucose, also called dextrose, is a monosaccharide containing an aldehyde group. It is a white crystal in the solid state, can be dissolved in water, has a slightly sweet taste, and is optically active, that is, its aqueous solution can rotate light to the right. Glucose is widely present in living organisms and is one of the components of some disaccharides (such as sucrose, maltose, etc.) and polysaccharides (such as starch, cellulose, etc.). In production, there is no need to refine the raw materials, and no acid-resistant or pressure-resistant equipment is required. Moreover, the syrup has no bitter 

NAME: Glucose Syrup
SYNONYMS: Liquid Glucose
CAS NO.: 8029-43-4
EINECS NO.: 232-436-4
HS CODE: 1702300000
SPECIFICATION: Items Specifications
Appearances Colorless viscous liquid without any impurity by naked eyes.
DE value 43-45
Brix % ≥80
Moisture % ≤18
PH 4-6
Ash % ≤0.3
Transparency % ≥98
DP1 Dextrose % ≤10
DP2 Maltose % ≥50
DP3 Maltose % ≤20
DP4 Higher sugars % ≥20
S02 ≤200
Heavy metals Pb mg/kg ≤0.5
Arsenic ≤0.5mg/kg
Bacteria population ≤300 pieces/g
Coliform MPN/100G ≤30
Pathogenic bacterium Negative
PACKAGING: 300kg/HDPE drum or Felxitank
QUANTITY/CONTAINER: 24MT/20'FCL without pallets
HANDLING&STORAGE: Kept in the dry and cool place
Glucose syrup is a food syrup, made from the hydrolysis of starch. Its major uses in commercially prepared foods are as a thickener, sweetener and humectant. Glucose syrup is also widely used in the manufacture of variety of candy products.

Glucose Syrup:
Glucose syrup is a kind of starch syrup produced by the action of enzymes or acids using starch as raw material. The main ingredients are glucose, maltose, maltotriose, maltotetose and tetrasaccharide and above. Also known as liquid glucose, glucose malt syrup, also known as dextrose. Glucose syrup is a monosaccharide, a hexose containing an aldehyde group. The solid state is white crystal, slightly sweet when dissolved in water, and optically active. Its aqueous solution has optical rotation to the right. It is widely present in living organisms and is a component of certain disaccharides (such as sucrose, maltose, etc.) and polysaccharides (such as starch, cellulose, etc.). Glucose syrup is produced by hydrolysis of starch. In the 1960s, microbial enzymatic methods were used to produce glucose.

Glucose Syrup vs Corn Syrup
1. Different raw materials and production methods:
[Glucose syrup] We can also call it liquid glucose, which is made from starch as raw material and is made by hydrolysis of starch.
[Corn syrup] Made from corn as raw material, corn starch is hydrolyzed by various enzymes
2. Different functions:
In fact, the functions of the two are relatively similar. Both increase the taste, prevent crystallization, brighten the product, moisturize and lock in moisture, and increase the shelf life.
Due to differences in ingredients and preparation methods, they may have different uses in food processing. For example, glucose syrup may be more commonly used in pastries and baked goods, while corn syrup may be more commonly used in candies and other confectionary products.
3. Different characteristics
【Corn syrup】
There is an important feature. The pH of corn syrup is between 3.5-5.5. It can react with baking soda to produce carbon dioxide, so it can be used with baking soda in baking to increase the fluffy effect and give the product a fluffy taste!

How to Make Glucose Syrup?
1. Ingredients: 400 grams of fine sugar, 200 ml of water, 50 grams of fresh lemon juice.
2. Clean the lemon, cut it in half, squeeze out the lemon juice, and use a strainer to filter out the lemon seeds and residue and set aside.
3. Prepare an acid-resistant pot (do not use iron or aluminum pots) and put the sugar into the pot. Add water and stir slightly with chopsticks to mix the sugar and water.
4. Put it on the stove and heat it over medium heat without stirring. After the sugar water boils, add fresh lemon juice. After boiling again, turn to low heat and simmer slowly (from this time until the end of boiling the syrup, do not stir the sugar water again, remember).
5. During the cooking process, if sugar crystals appear on the boiling side of the pot, you can dip a brush in water and brush it around the wall of the pot. When the water flows down the wall of the pot, the sugar on the wall of the pot can be wash.

Glucose Syrup Applications:
Glucose syrup is widely used in candy, cold drink products, dairy products, beer, jelly, baked goods, condiments, enzyme preparations, convenience foods, meat products and other industries.
1. Good moisture absorption and moisturizing properties:
Liquid glucose has high hygroscopicity and can be used in soft candies, breads, and pastries to keep the products soft, improve the taste of the products, and extend the shelf life.
2. Mild and moderate sweetness, good crystallization resistance:
Liquid grape essence used in candy has mild and moderate sweetness, good anti-crystallization properties,
Antioxidant, moderate viscosity, good chemical stability, widely used in the candy industry
3. High viscosity: Liquid glucose has high viscosity and can be used in canned fruits, juice drinks and edible syrups to improve the consistency and palatability of the product.
4. Low freezing point: Liquid glucose has the advantages of anti-crystallization and low freezing point. It can be used in the production of cold drinks to improve the taste and quality of the product.

Where to Buy Glucose Syrup in Bulk?
Glucose Syrup is a commonly used food additive and ingredient popular in many countries. As a professional Glucose Syrup supplier and manufacturer, Hangzhou Focus Corporation has nearly 10 years of experience in supplying and exporting Glucose Syrup from China. You can safely choose to buy Glucose Syrup  from Hangzhou Focus Corporation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

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